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Hello! My name is Ashon Nesbitt, and welcome to my blog! I am a native of St. Petersburg, FL, with degrees in Architecture, Urban Planning and Real Estate and some legal educational background. I love cities! I love urban development! I love all that cities have to offer in terms of quality of life - employment, education, entertainment! I also love my city, St. Petersburg, FL. Well, it is developing into what I call a "real" city, slowly but surely, but we will talk more about that as I post on my blog.

So, what is the purpose of this blog? I started this blog to share my ideas and thoughts on urban development, particularly here in my city. I like to read and observe what other places are doing and think about how similar things would work here. This is also a place for you to share your ideas with me. This stuff really excites me! So I look forward to the dialogue that will take place here! I'll be back soon with my first idea post: what to do with Tropicana Field in St. Pete.

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